22-25 Sep 2019 Capbreton (France)

Towards a mechanistic interpretation of neural data

NCCD19 is the fourth in a series of meetings focusing on topics in theoretical and experimental neuroscience.

As with previous workshops, our goal is to foster the strong interactions we believe are so important for this field. So the meeting will be small (~70 people). About half the talks will be invited and half contributed, and there will be poster sessions on two of the nights. Time for informal discussion will be emphasised during breaks and at mealtimes — with lunch and dinner at the conference venue included in the cost of registration.


Invited speakers

Athena Akrami  (UCL)
Mitya Chklovskii (Flatiron Institute NYU)
Marlene Cohen (Pittsburgh)
Sandeep Robert Datta (Harvard)
David Kleinfeld (UCSD)
Peter Latham (UCL)
Gilles Laurent (Max Planck Frankfurt)
Stephanie Palmer (Chicago)
Alex Pouget  (Geneva)
Daniela Vallentin (Berlin)


Andrea Hasenstaub (UCSF)
Peter Latham (UCL)
Srdjan Ostojic (ENS Paris)

Important dates

Registrations will open soon. 

May 20: abstract submission deadline. 

June 3: early registration deadline

How to register/pay/submit an abstract

1. Click on "Register". This will take you to a web page where you can create an account -- a process that involves providing us with some information and then verifying your account via an automatically generated link. Don't worry: your email address is safe with us.

2. Log back in and click on "Register". Scroll to the bottom of the page and tell us whether or not you're a student/postdoc (student/postcod registration rates are slightly lower).

Now that you're registered, you can submit and abstract and pay, in any order.

***Note, however, that paid registration is capped at 70, so if you don't pay you risk not being able to attend.***

***Finally, all abstracts will be accepted, and about 10 will be chosen for contributed talks. We'll let you know which ones shortly after the abstract deadline; definitely before the early registration deadline.***

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